Types Of Paintings

There are many different types and styles of paintings. Artists will use different styles to convey different feelings and ideas.They are also analysed differently to each other as they use different techniques when creating them.


Abstract paintings give out expressions to the complexities of the thought process. They create a profusion of different colours and shapes of different forms and textures to portray an idea.

E.g. “The Persistence Of Memory – by Salvador Dali”



These paintings give feeling to the works of music, theatre and literature. It is an emotional response from the artist to whatever is being painted.

These emotions can be evaluated as senses.


Tribal Art

This is an ancient form of painting where people would have to communicate through visual representation. Basic shapes and ideas were illustrated so anyone could understand what someone was trying to say.

It was a way people would understand their surroundings and how to behave within them.

E.g. Ancient cave paintings from distant species.


It is often ceremonial in religion, nature and culture.

Modern Art

Modern art reflects the ideologies and influence of philosophy. It began in the 19th century.

the artists would experiment with new forms, textures, contrasts etc. This would express a new level of thinking and emotion.

This lead to the fusion of other forms of art with it. Examples include; music, theatre and architecture.


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