The Senses

Analysing Art

Your brain is the chemical from which ideas come from. Stimulation from the outside world is brought to us through our senses.

What we then express using the senses is depicted as “Art”.

When having to analyse artworks in the A Level Art qualification, one evaluate it using the senses.

Touch & Sight

When evaluating artwork, most analytical points will come from what one can see and how the artwork was made.

Points can be made about the following.

  • Texture
  • Form
  • Shape
  • Composition
  • Symmetry
  • Structure

The Effect Of Sound

Sound is used by artists to “stir” emotions. It often influences the frame of mind or rhythm at which one thinks. E.g. People act differently when listening to different songs.

As a result, by having the piece of art give off a certain sound, people can react to the artwork in a certain way. The artist can express how the sound is portrayed through the techniques used when painting or creating the artwork.

E.g. Many contemporary jazz works use vivid brush strokes to convey the feeling behind the music.


Tastes & Smells

Artists evoke smells and tastes in order to create an experience for the viewer.

Many allegorical paintings use an array of smells and tastes expressed as foods and items of nature to excite whomever is viewing the artwork.

A prime example of this is “The Five Senses – by Antwerp”.



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