How To See More Deeply

When analysing artworks, most of which you can comment about can be evaluated using the senses.

However, all artworks have a story behind them. To really be able to analyse the piece fully, you would have to explain why each technique used was done so in order to tell its story.

In A Level Art, you will need to do extra research so that more information can be gathered on the artwork before you evaluate it.

Once you understand the story that the artwork is telling and can describe why the artist used each technique to evoke each feeling, ask yourself these questions for the purpose for why he/she did so.

  • What? What is going on?
  • Why? Why would the artist tell this story?
  • Where? Where does this take place?
  • Who? Who is involved with the piece?
  • When? When was artwork made?
  • How? Which techniques were used.

After asking and answering these questions, you would have seen the painting in greater depth.

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