Artistic Themes

When analysing artwork, a theme will always be prominent in the artist’s work. Simply knowing what the piece is about can allow you to draw many points from it.

Man vs. Machine

Many works contrast periods of time. For examples, many artworks are inspired by nostalgic moments.

When the industrial revolution occurred, it changed the way many people thought about art and its value.


Good vs. Evil

Expressionists draw from their emotions to convey their ideas and the conflict between certain ideals.

The most common clashes which are depicted in many artworks are the clashes between good and evil or light and dark.


Art & Science

The field of science seems to discover something new everyday. The constant discoveries, and the technology produced which seems to inhibit artistic flow give artists inspiration to explore something completely new.

The artist becomes a pioneer in the artwork’s ideal which spurs creativity.


The Illusion Of Space

An artwork’s spacing and dimensions can really define it as something unique.

Perspective is everything in art. The way people perceive things evokes certain feelings or trains of thought.

This is especially great as everyone perceives things differently.

E.g. “Relativity – by M.C. Escher”.



One’s religious beliefs can have a huge influence on how they perceive things.

It also can completely change the meaning of a painting as most religious pieces have a back story behind it.

The bible and its teachings have really influenced many artists.

Bible Art

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